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From Saad To Saadat-A'Levels Annual Play

Bulha-O'levels Annual Play

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Behold! Illusions! The one of a kind Literature and Drama Olympiad, that will put to test your literary knowledge and dramatic skills and will take you to your limits. The LGS JT ILLUSIONISTS and The MUSE LITERARY SOCIETY JT in the form of Illusions have dared to do what no other has before, that is bring the two art forms of literature and drama together. The two metaphorical brothers have been re-united and their unison will bring forth a challenge so grueling and yet so wonderful that one would be forced to look at it in sheer awe! So come forth those who wish to test their limits in this one of a kind competition and let the world know of your dramatic prowess and literary passion in this 2 day event. While also acknowledging the efforts of all those behind the scenes here at JT working hard to bring to you this event and giving you the opportunity of showcasing your talents, for the utmost priority of those here at JT is the promotion of the arts.